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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Goverment fails to meet its Cabinet obligations - to make Speckled Wood a Nature Reserve

3rd February 2020 
Goverment fails to meet its Cabinet  obligations - to make Speckled Wood a Nature Reserve.

In 2012 , the Hastings Cabinet met with Friends of Speckled Wood in regard to an outcome for its  local woodland in ore to become a Nature Reserve.  A meeting was conducted on Monday 3rd February 2020  the first time after this meeting putting forth the Council's view on Nature Reserves, Speckled wood is again absent.  It seems their Hastings Code of Conduct has literally been thrown out of the window ( see image) Please make a complaint to the Council and let your feeling be known  here on thier form

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Government closes petition

5th April 2018


Giving no right to petition the truth in this case the Petition department  stated :

"We rejected the petition you created – “I object to the Hastings Borough Council Planning matter HS/FA/18/00110.”.
It included confidential, libellous, false or defamatory information, or a reference to a case which is active in the UK courts.
We can't accept petitions that make allegations of crimes. In any case, we can't accept your petition because this isn't something that the UK Government and Parliament are responsible for. You can make an objection to a planning application here: You can find out how to make a complaint to the council here: If you have made a complaint to the council and you're not happy with the way in which it has been handled, you may be able to complain to the local Government Ombudsman: "

Well that is already in hand on its way to LGO clearly the government supports fraud and does not want petitions being raised in this regard and its paperwork and its information in regard to fighting fraud do not apply to local authority what a sham! What part is libelous confidential or untrue? Why wont they investigate the Council .

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Two Complaints are now lodged with Professioal Conduct Body of the Police


The Police Professional Conduct Body  of the police have now two separate cases against an officer who is reported as an Acting Inspector. Yesterday details of information was given as a misdirection to stop the police from being required to offer an investigation the premiss of this was under PB92033 of the PNLD database. the excuse given was that "All offences under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 are summary only and subject to a 6 month prosecution time limit, from what I can tell all incidents took place more than 6 months ago so even if there were an offence made out we would not proceed. " .

Simply put this is an untrue statement as the 6 month time-limit starts when the matter is placed before the CPS which has not occurred. Clearly this is very alarming and no contact has been provided by the Wildlife Office Tom Carter who seems to be very non communicative. New questions are being asked of Hastings Police in these matters of alleged Fraud and Alleged Wildlife crime.

Monday, 7 May 2018

A complaint has been made in respect to police through IOPC website

7th May 2018.

This morning a complaint was progressed through the IOPC website in regard to the conduct of the acting chief constable  and his dc's in failing to act on serious fraud in Hastings  . The complaint was directed back through East Sussex Police presently and we look forward to moving this frustration situation forward . There has been no reply from the council in over a month.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Freedom of Information Requests served on Sussex Police


6th May 2018
Three FOI Requests have been served on the East Sussex Police in regard to non-failure to investigate criminal law in Hastings. The time has lapsed on the first request and it is now out of time. we intend to write to the Commissioner next week to ask why her force is unable to comply with the Information Acts. These requests or failure to provide these requests and criminal prosecutions will go the Police Complaints IOPC . When the last request has expired. East Sussex unwillingness to investigate criminal matters of fraud and wild life crime are noted in these requests The Acting Inspector who has been informed of this will not act on behalf of the public in any of these matters a recent communication May 4th from Aiden Cornwall "will not be looking at this matter again" a report will be made to IOPC on Monday of his failures to uphold the criminal law in Hastings in these cases. We think this is quite deplorable.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

No Replies from council in regard alleged fraud at church street, Hastings in over a month.

2nd May 2016.

There has been no reply from the Labour Party running the Council or Corporate services in over a month the last Director written to was Mrs Hartnell and no reponse at all was forthcoming. 

Why is the council conducting its affairs in a criminal manner. What was stent to Mr Neil Dart Director Director of Corporate Resources & Head of Paid Service, is very serious and deserves an explanation. It is quite clear to everyone  that this matter of criminal activity needs address.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Police Investgation halted

Police Investigation Halted
25th April 2018

Is this why there has been no investigation of the council alleged fraud. It seems that the investigating Detectives case loads have just been shelved without any investigation happening.

  • Detective Constable Damon Deans-Cane was sacked after investigation  

This is very disturbing incident in the Daily Mail online. The complainant is  in contact with the police but the investigation by this same Detective has been halted without any investigation occurring. The complainant is expecting a reasonable reply from the acting Inspector. As it seems that his  investigation transferred on the skill Set and perhaps many others have all been shelved.

If you concerned about our own case please contact the police directly.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Still under Investigation

Council Still under Investigation
20th April 2018
The Acting Inspector of the Police confirmed in a communication  today that the council was being currently investigated for alleged fraud. He is awaiting an update from them.  He has confirmed "The fraud aspect of the matter is still under investigation..."

The council has still not responded in a whole month in regard this matter providing a satisfactory answer.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Talks with the Police

17th April 2018
Talks with the Police
The chairman of the Trust and director of HBPS Ltd has been in discussions with the police in regard to the alleged unlicensed illegal activities on church street evidence was provided to the police with the hope that prosecution can be sought for the nefarious activities seen on this site at Church Street part of the Speckled Wood Estate.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


12th April 2018.
Alleged Fraud Under Section 1 Offenses.
Well if you have been reading along with this story involving alleged section one fraud in regard to the land at Church street you will or might be amazed that the council still has not responded after sixteen days . The police have been notified of this fraud and there still has been no formal response from them there is already a complaint under the investigation allegedly taken by an officer . We have been told by residents that not one of them saw the police attend this site. This has led to the complaint CO/002718 . The Chairman Mr Newbold contacted the police yesterday for an update in the case of alleged fraud none was forthcoming.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Southern Water Legal Department are unable to tell us who thier customer is?

Southern Water Legal Department are unable to tell us who thier customer is?
3rd October 2017

Contractors Cappagh Browne move in on Speckled Wood to repair drains for an unknown customer which would seem to dump sewage in the Ore Stream leading to more polution in the country park again.  An enforcement complaint has been made to the Council that the members of this organisation will do nothing  we are facing a situation in our borough were wildlife has no protection. Despite the legislation and law no one wants to act legally in these matters A licence is required from Natural England which must be presented on demand. Instead of this the Capagh Browne Ecologist tells us that she a member of the CIEEM when she is clearly not and that she has spoken to Natural England about thier methodology and they are happy for them to proceed.

The owner of the Care home told  us that she asked Southern Water to put thier drains into Clifton Road. So who is this Mystery Customer ? This is equally odd when you consider this was Southern Waters solicitors cover story was that they was acting on an emergency leak for the Care Home.

This blog has to ask the question what value is Natural England giving us then?
Picture Caption: Hide and seek with a Mini Digger perhaps they are trying to hide or loose it!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Badger activity increases on the Church Street site in Ore as Southern Water move in.

Badger activity increases on the Church Street site in Ore as Southern Water move in. 
28th July 2017

There has been an increase in the activity on the Badger sett at church Street not disclosed by the so called ecologists who work for the developer or council who made public statements there was no sett on this land.

This Badger sett has increased in ten days due to the stress digging from Southern Water on the site. Southern Water has been pumping tanker loads of water through the broken sewer which has fractured parts blown out of it of some 8"-1ft in size from the side wall. This is being done to try to resolve the flooding issues for properties in Clifton road, which are just less 20ft from the sewer in Clifton Road. Does this make any financial sense to you? The work carries on this morning with a new tanker load of water. The CIEEM is investigating statements made at the Planning Application of this matter in respect to CIEEM and memberships.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Councillors Street calls us liars

Councillors Street calls us liars
16th July 2016
Councillor Street in a public planning meeting said that there had been much misinformation given out by the supporters of Speckled Wood to protect the land at Church street . We was told that a fence had been errected which was not evident and that it had been placed to protect the badgers as was alleged by Cllr Richard Street Planning meeting . It is quite clear from the meeting that Mr Davidson was not even holding an updated biodiversity code of Practice for Planning and Development BS42020:2013 manual which he was refering to. This was evident from its cover. The advice was therefore in our opinion flawed.

On a visit to the site accompanying  Southern Water just last week it was evident that the badgers where not contained in this fence  and had dug out much to our suprise judge for your self we are quite appalled that none of the information provided by any party was taken into account it is just another serious flaw in the Councils Planning Department. Here is the sound recording that was taken:

Friday, 14 July 2017

Council poised to act in fraud .

Council poises to act in fraud .  
15th July 2017

The Badger Protection Society Ltd have spoken to the Friends of Speckled Wood today informing them that the Council is moving towards an act of fraud in its Planning matter HS/DS/17/00194, which is part of protected open space Speckled Wood. Mr. Newbold of the Badger Protection Society said that the latest document from the Planning Department was a clear move in the Council to cajole the Planning Committee to commit fraud. He said the Council is fully aware of their actions here on this land which Land Registry has informed him has a 32 Acre lease hold. Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Since this date the Land Registry has broken off communications and the matter has gone to the ICR . it is quite appalling to think that our Council could be acting in a fraudulent direction any not have any scrutiny in place to ensure this kind of actions are stopped.  Further action is being investigated.

We are quite appalled and you should be aware from this Hillsborough Inquiry that you could be accountable in these matters even 30 years hence. We strongly advise HBC get your house in order .