The Speckled Wood is under threat from Developers, and The LDF. You can Save Speckled Wood.

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Thank you so much for joining the movement. With your help we can move closer to protecting the Speckled Wood woodland. If you can, please help us by making a donation. We can't do it without your help. .

Thank you for supporting HMRC Registered Charity: EW02913

Welcome and thank you for signing the Speckled Wood Petition or Consulation to keep the woodland in Ore, Hastings in posterity as a Local Nature Reserve or Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The information you have provided to the Council will we hope be taken and placed on the Planning Application. You should have already received your completed response which was sent to the Council immediately. The woodland Speckled Wood is not totally saved as other groups have stated. Our Council have stated the same position as this group which is not entirely surprising as one of the ward councillors is a member. You can see this for yourself by just walking down Clifton Road. We are not sure why they are saying this as the Inspectors Report after the Main Modifications consultation has not been provided. In addition, a Freedom of Information Request on the website shows a table provided by the Council to the Inspector which is not an accurate representation of the consultation This matter is currently with the ICO and MOJ. We do not want to end up with another seven-year fight. You have already helped with this and we thank you for your continued support.

The Friends of Speckled Wood Trust and Charity have been very hard at work over the last few years. We have become an HMRC Registered Charity. If you are interested in joining the Charity as a Trustee and feel you can give something to this project please contact us.

Today in 2017 The Trust and Charity are still protecting this area given to the public in the 1930's. The Consultation is the latest of many sucessful consulations we have run delivering your response to the Council. The Consultations involving the Planning Examination have brought the complete number of objections to development in Speckled Wood to over 7000 objections.

During 2016 The Trust and Charity took the matter of the Councils Development Management Plan to the ICO and then through Tribunal Court to test the integrity of the DMP to resist development During this process the Trust and Charity identified issues with the soundness of the Development Management Plan process which could be exploited by developers. This legal work is still ongoing.

During 2015, The Trust and Charity met the Planning Inspector in an attempt to try to save this woodland . During the meetings the Planning Inspector said he would protect the site after visiting it and finding out how enchanting it is for himself.

During 2014 The Trust and Charity worked hard to deliver around 666 objections from the public against the Outline Planning Application put in by an Offshore company that is connected with betting software sales. The latest Consultation by the Trust is the biggest one yet to try to convince the Local Authority, Planners Developers and Inspector that housing is not wanted in this area. Please ask everyone to get involved this is your last chance.

During 2013 The Trust became a HMRC Registered Charity and took part in campanigning to keep the woodland safe from development in the Victoria Avenue Planning Application which is still current. We are forefront in this and the movement to keep the woodland as it is. Our Management Plan which was presented to the Hastings Cabinet in 2012 has been used as a plan which we have worked to throughout the year.

Since 2012 residents from the local area voted in an unprecedented numbers to save the entire woodland of Speckled Wood. The total objections to any development of Speckled Wood are currently 2604 made up from various consultations in different votes. These were from the Victoria Avenue Planning Application 549 objections were collected by our charity and another groups 459 objections and the original vote were 1231 votes were presented to Hastings Borough Council in the summer of 2012.

The matter was then heard at the November 2012 Cabinet meeting in Hastings Members of the Residents Groups all campaigned for the Woodland to be protected. Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust petitioned this meeting to allow their chairman to speak. The motion was not carried although it was suggested that a large area of the woodland would be set aside as a green space or Local Nature Reserve. The Hastings Borough Council Development Management Plan detailed that some of the woodland would be left as a green space. To our best knowledge this has not been discussed with the land owners as they have not been contactable to maintain the land for some time.

All the residents groups including Friends of Speckled Wood feel that the complete woodland should be protected. The maximum protection that can be given to a site to prevent subsequent Development is to register the land as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. This is very difficult to achieve without scientific paperwork from leading professionals.

The Hastings Borough Council Development Plan has failed to be delivered to the Inspector.

We understand that the reason for this position is that the South East Plan was abolished, by the government. The SE Plan was a strategic development plan for the whole of South East England, drawn up by the South East Regional Assembly, which has also been abolished.

We understand that this was what the Council had based its 3,200 homes housing target on, and meant that they had to go through a lengthy process of that being replaced (in effect) with a target of 7,000 homes, and having to provide new evidence to show that they could only make room for 3,400 new homes. Yes it seems this figure has increased.

This vote is very important as it will allow us to present your wishes to Hastings Borough Council and then onto the Independent Inspector. Please ask your friends, relatives and loved ones to take part in this final vote.

Kind Regards

The team at Friends of Speckled Wood Managment Trust and Speckled Wood.