Speckled Wood is under threat from developers who are located offshore,
speculators and the Planning Department of the local Council

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Figure 1. Option A.Figure 2. Option B.
Figure 3. Option C.Figure 4. Option D.

Following on from last years successful vote stopping your Local Councils Planning Department, Hastings
Borough Council is currently operating a Consultation again this year between 10th March and 22 April 2014,
concerning the future of Speckled Wood. The Local Development Framework only gives the options A,B,C for the
future development plan of the Upper Ore Valley, Speckled Wood (Previously known as the 'Ola', Holla, Holler,
Hollow) . Each one of these options entails development of Speckled Wood to a greater or lesser degree.

On the 22nd of April 2014 the Consultation period ends and no further discussion will be heard.

The Friends of Speckled Wood want a fourth option of NO DEVELOPMENT in the Woodland.
The Friends of Speckled Wood want a fourth option of NO DEVELOPMENT in the Woodland. Recently at the
Planning Committee where an outline application to develop the Victoria Avenue site for 34 houses and
flats was being considered, Cllr. Wincott moved a motion to oppose the development, saying that the whole
of Speckled Wood should remain undeveloped. His proposal was supported by Cllr Rogers and Scott, but opposed
by Cllr Daniel, Cllr. Finch and Martin. As Cllr Daniel was the Chair, the motion was defeated with his casting
vote. This meant that outline planning permission for the scheme was granted. The Friends of Speckled Wood believes
this is not democratic as other land owners were not consulted. The government believes in Localism. The choice
should be with the people from the local area. You all have more information about why this Woodland is special.
Please use this to re-state the reasons, using this new information in this new vote.

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