Urgent Appeal for your objection - on Church Street for five houses
Further Development in Speckled Wood at Church Street.

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There is an opportunity to comment on the Planning Application HS/DS/17/00194
consultation period Wed 15 Mar 2017 - Wed 10 May 2017 All objections should be in by 5th May 2017.

The decision on the balancing of all the material in this application is an easy one. The planning application in this matter is flawed. The reserved matters application does not meet the legislation under the Government’s Planning Portal Guidance in regard to the reserve matter application being in line with the outline approval. There has been unprecedented public concern about this land and the underlying badger sett which it would be unlawful to interfere with. It is also clear from the Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust websites that the underpinning Inspectors report after the Main Modifications consultation is missing. It also appears that the consultation figures on a Freedom of Information Request by FOSWMT have shown that this application site was removed from the consultation responses by an individual in the Council to enable this land to be built on for profit against the public’s wishes some 7,000 objections in total. Please support us in saving this area for public enjoyment. We believe this is your legal right.

On the Western Section of Speckled Wood and part of Church Street an open Green area for more than forty years Hastings Council have put forward a proposal HS/DS/17/00194 to build five Houses on this public space. The Council has only the right to maintain the area for public recreational use which makes the proposal illegal.

The wildlife on this section of land has already suffered cruelty and illegal interference with the Habitat. Further interference by Building Houses on top of the Badger Sett that has been in existence for over a hundred years is not acceptable. Effluent- soils and such like from any building works will damage the ecosystems right down to the Ore Stream; rare Liverworts and Newts will be destroyed for example.

FOSWMT believes that this is just a start of the development plans for Speckled Wood. Councillor Chowney, The leader of the Council has a multiple hat role as the leader of the Council, the leader of the Planning Department and Forward Planning Office via the Planning Inspectorate in his statements in the Public Examination of the Councils Development Plan. His mandate last year was clear stating he was saving Speckled Wood. Why is he then not exercising his veto and stopping this when his election manifesto was clear when he said he had saved Speckled Wood?

I refer you to point 5.2 of document your ref 3/PLAN/AG/00007 dated 31st October 2002 at :

5.2 To provide that the area coloured brown on drawing 1020 dated 29th November 2001 shall be vested in a formally constituted management company, set up from residents of the development to ensure that the planning and landscaping scheme and measures put in place by the owner in accordance with the ecological assessment and badger survey are kept in place and maintained in perpetuity following the completion and the occupation of the Development.

Any development of this site HS/DS/17/000194 which affected this badger sett would have grave consequences on this binding deed and would not allow this landscaping herein to be kept in perpetuity as with regard to the owners wishes. I also note that at 5.3 it states "To provide that the area coloured brown shall be maintained as woodland and wildlife protection area upon which no excavation works shall take place"

I caution you that any ingress into the badger tunnels or habitat by excavation works associated with this brown area known as a wildlife protection area would constitute a breach of this deed and agreement with GemSelect Ltd and nullify all agreement with parties and the owner on this deed ref 3/PLAN/AG/00007.

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